heya!! hi!! hewwo!! this is mitsu's carrd (you knew that lol) welcome!! have fun lmao

listen to this while ur reading if u want :3


my name's mitsu
you can call me any kin names if you'd like (preferably lisa, moira or leon but whatever!!)
i'm a scenekid
i'm a genderfluid lesbian
i use they/them, bun/buns and purr/purrs pronouns
i'm currently taken (see their carrd under "my gf <3"), but i'm polygamy :3
my favorite colors are purple, green n black
i have a cat!! her name is blackie
my favorite animals are cats, wolves, opossums, frogs, worms and snails
i cosplay leon s kennedy (resident evil), jfk (clone high) and moira (overwatch)
i main in overwatch moira, mercy, sombra and d.va
my colors in among us are purple or black

╚═══.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═══╝

☆interests & fandoms☆
resident evil
genshin impact
clone high
among us

☆old/lesser interests that i'd still gladly talk about☆

stranger things
the x files
invader zim
animal crossing
beanie babies

╚═══.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═══╝

any song from 100 gecs
most songs from msi
dance dance & tnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy
this weird scenecore playlist i found idk but it slaps
ride it - regard
smells like teen spirit - nirvana
when i rule the world - liz
hello kitty - slayyyter
pretty rave girl & pika girl - s3rl
cat girls are ruining my life! - corpse (im not a corpse simp i swear)


disclaimer !! i'm rlly new to kinning but i've figured out that i do in fact kin (my old thing here was that i didnt know if i kinned or not)
doubles are absolutely allowed!!! pls lmk if you double actually so i can give u a kiss

moira o'deorain - overwatch

angela (mercy) ziegler - overwatch

leon s. kennedy - resident evil

sherry birkin - resident evil

jfk - clone high

retsuko - aggretsuko

lisa - genshin impact

dana scully - the x files

gir - invader zim

kuromi - sanrio

swirly - beanie baby snail

paimon - genshin impact
shellington - octonauts
hatsune miku - vocaloid

☆dni if you☆

-are homophobic
-a pedophile (gross lol)
-disrespectful to ppl who use neopronouns
-dislike they/them and he/him lesbians
-support cringe and cancel culture

☆my partner in crime!!!!☆

i literally fuckin love my gf so much its not funny !!!!! pls go read their carrd and tell them they're wonderful bc they're so perfect and UGH. i love them. im stupid and dumb and gay bc of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i swear a lot lol
i use a few slurs (d slur, f slur, but i can always stop using them if that makes it better for u)
i post a lot of scene, rainbowcore and eyestrain stuff (clearly)
i will ether respond instantly or in 5 years lmao
i type in caps when im excited or trying to get a point across
if you get me to talk i literally. will not shut up. i am so sorry
im really sarcastic sometimes
i try my best to use tone tags but im still learning!!!! u dont have to use them with me but if you use them i will try my best!!
i will cry over my hyperfixations and cute women for HOURS if im confortable to talk to you